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Corrosion Protection as Environmental Protection

Approximately five tons of steel corrode worldwide every second. Every second a car wreck rusts somewhere in the world. According to an American study, corrosion causes costs of about 70 billion dollars per year in the United States. This is equivalent to 4,2% of the American gross national product. Some 100 billion tons of iron ore, and the same quanity of coke, were necessary to produce iron for this scrap heap. The energy involved affects the environment indirectly. However, the direct consequences of corrosion for the environment can also be considerable. Some of the products carried through pipings can conterminate the environment and can be incompatible with safety. The asme appilies to storage tanks and the other heavy apparatus of the chemical industry. Apart from interruptions and expensive shutdown periods, corrosion damage, which sometimes only appears after years, also endangers plant crews and damages the environment.

It was already pointed out in the above-mentioned American study that 15% of corrosion damage could be avoided through good and comprehensible information.

This is also our aim!

Howerver, we believe that information alone is not sufficient to tackle this problem. Continous research in and development of electrochemical corrosion control as well as close cooperation with plant operators have placed us in a position where we are now able to offer a spectrum of protection facilities which is substantially wider than could have been expected a few years ago.

Our protection units have also been optimized technically to such an extent that considerable savings can be made by purchasing these units.

Protection units which have been adapted to and designed for a particular object which is to be protected pay off after a very short time when cost savings due to continious production plant operation and the omission of superflous repair work are taken into consideration.